Yoga to Relax and Revive

Aston Colley, Unwind Yoga“Learn classic yoga poses, breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques to build physical flexibility and strength, reduce stress, sleep better, increase energy and feel more vitality in your life”

Do you notice as you get older you become less flexible, your aches and pains increase. Your body seems to be very slowly seizing up.

On the very rare moments you are able to relax you feel you are carrying pent up tension in your body or your tummy.

Or you are constantly chasing you’re your tail, evermore stressed, finding it difficult to switch off that constant ‘must do’ chatter. Not sleeping well, feeling miserable, lacking energy, having no ‘me-time’ to calm the mind and body. You feel you have been neglecting yourself.

Or has life lost its meaning, its wonder, or do material things no longer bring you lasting pleasure. You feel your search for inner peace and contentment just gets harder.

You’ve tried many things to feel happier but despite all your efforts you inevitably conclude they have been unsuccessful. Like the young child on Christmas morning who, after madly tearing the wrapping off all the presents, stares moments later in bored confusion, we discover that theses outer objects cannot animate us for long.

Yoga for Physical & Emotional Wellbeing

Many of us come to yoga because of some difficulty in our lives. For some, it is physical – lower back pain or knee discomfort. For others, it is emotional, such as stress and anxiety, and for others the draw is philosophical, the feeling that life lacks meaning.

For me it was a combination of these reasons. I discovered although yoga practice certainly can help our aching backs and bolster our spirits, it cannot insulate us from the pain that life inevitably brings – illness, loss, ageing, not getting what we want etc. But what Yoga does do is help us cope with life in a more positive way.

Yoga guides us to the realisation that seeking should not be an outward pursuit, but an inward one. To practice yoga in the deepest sense is to commit to developing awareness by observing our lives, our thoughts, our words and our actions.

Classic Yoga Techniques

There are many yoga techniques that can support us along this way, such as classic poses, breathing practices and relaxation meditation. Whether you are new to yoga or a experienced practitioner my aim as a teacher is to help you down this path.

British Wheel of Yoga trained

I have been practicing for over fifteen years, and have a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Diploma (Level 4). As a mindfuless teacher at Central England College I put a lot of emphasis on relaxation and meditation in my classes.

Yoga for Healthy Lower Back

I am a qualified “Yoga for Healthy Lower Back” teacher and an accredited Yoga Nidra Teacher. (Satyananda School)

Benefits of Yoga for Individuals & Companies

Currently I teach weekly Hatha Yoga classes in Worcestershire, Warwickshire & Birmingham. I happily do 1-1 sessions and take corporate sessions for Companies that appreciate the benefits of yoga on staff well-being.

If you would like further information on my classes, 1:1 sessions, corporate Yoga Workshops/Retreats please give me a call on 01386 870893 or email

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