Mindfulness of Movement and Breath Workshop

Mindfulness of Movement and Breath Workshop

Mindfulness of Movement and Breath Workshop is an introductory workshop into gentle mindfulness Yoga – a combination of body and breath awareness through gentle movement, meditation and mindfulness philosophy.

‘Moving into Stillness’ CPD Workshop
Sunday May 10th 2015, 10.30-4.30pm
Central England College, King Heath, Birmingham B14 6D

By practicing mindfulness Yoga , the whole body becomes our object of meditation. We begin to see the true intimacy between the breath and body. By increasing our awareness of breath and body, we see where tension is being held, where the body feels strong & stable and where it feels tenuous. When we experience our bodies as an integrated whole, we are more able to free the habitual tension. As we learn to inhabit our bodies more fully we become more conscious of ourselves and of our humanity and in doing so find health and wellbeing. As our awareness deepens we can also begin to see for ourselves how there is stillness in the midst of movement.

The workshop’s aims:
  • to teach students how to practice mindful Yoga.

Specifically the classic Hatha Yoga poses referred to by Jon Kabet- Zinn in his book, Full Catastrophe Living.

  • by encouraging greater engagement with their body and breath, that students will experience the calming of mind.
  • to give students an understanding how body and breath awareness can relieve stress and anxiety.

Aston Colley is Yoga Teacher ( BWY) and a Mindfulness Practitioner. He runs several weekly Yoga classes and Mindfulness Meditation sessions in Worcestershire. As well as being involved in the Central England Mindfulness- Now course as a trainer, he runs corporate Mindfulness programmes throughout the country.

As a professional hypnotherapist he regularly uses mindfulness as a therapeutic intervention. The course is open to all Mindfulness Practitioners. Previous yoga experience is not necessary.

Attendance Fee is £90 ( NCH & APHP members) and £120 to non- members.

Due to floor space the course is limited to 8 places only. Participants’ are required to bring their own exercise mats.