Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs

Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs

Have you ever wondered whether you should try yoga to help your back pain, but have been unsure how to begin? . Back discomfort is a common problem but there is an innovative, evidenced-backed programme designed to help. Let me introduce you to Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs.

Research-proven Yoga

The University of York’s Department of Health Sciences led one of the largest-ever yoga research trials from 2006-2011. A standardisd programme Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs (YHLB) was designed and the results published in one of the top medical journals. It was concluded that YHLB is “a safe and effective activity that clinicians could consider recommending for patients with a history of low back pain”. The published paper compared the programme to other rigorously-tested treatment options and was declared to be more effective (session for session) than all of them and 30% better than ‘usual care’. Yoga for spinal health is already a nationally-approved treatment option in the US. Now it is hoped that the UK will follow suit.

Good for you Yoga is a mind-body discipline that aims to positively affect your day-to-day life with its postural, mindfulness, relaxation and breathing techniques. The gradually-progressing, specialised YHLB programme is appropriate for beginners or for those of you with yoga experience. It is designed to work for the long-term. Participants are encouraged to bring postural improvements and mental focus into their daily lives and are motivated to practise at home. The gentle and user-friendly programme emphasises self-management and holistic health, to aid participants’ wellbeing and tackles stress, as well as addressing hip and back pain. The 12 weekly group YHLB classes, the book, the Relaxations CD and handouts provide the tools to help you to continue to look after your back health. Please feel free to contact me for course dates and further information. ASTON COLLEY D. Yoga (BWY)

Professional Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher