Yoga Workshops

Yoga Workshops - Moving into StillnessYoga Workshops: Moving into Stillness Days

Thursday 2nd May ,2019
Thursday 26th September, 2019
10am to 4pm,

Cost £50 per day

Stanton Guildhouse in the Cotswolds (

Mindful Yoga

I invite you to join me for a day of Mindful Yoga. A mix of gentle movement, breathe awareness, meditation and silence.

Mindful Yoga is a way to move into stillness in order to experience our bodies in the moment and become interested in the way we feel and respond. By doing so we become more fully conscious of ourselves and of our humanity and in doing so find an increased sense of wellbeing and unity.

Early booking is essential as the days are limited to ten places.

Please contact me to book a place on 01386 870893 or email

If you would like to attend  my Yoga classes or are interested in Yoga please fill out this web form or give me a call 01386 870893.

Professional Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher